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Unformatted text preview: Davy Crockett, Advice to Politicians (1833) - A figure today belonging as much to myth as reality, Davy Crockett had a long a varied career. A frontiersman and soldier, Crockett became a Democratic Congressman but was defeated after several disagreements with Andrew Jackson. He was later elected again as a Whig. It is reported that when he was later defeated again he said, "You can all go to hell and I'm going to Texas" He did so and was later killed in the Alamo. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Attend all public meetings," says I, "and get some friend to move that you take the chair. If you fail in this attempt, make a push to be appointed secretary. The proceeding of course will be published, and your name is introduced to the public. But should you fail in both undertakings, get two or three acquaintances, over a bottle of whisky, to pass some resolutions, no matter on what subject. Publish them, even if you pay the printer. It will answer the purpose of breaking the ice, which is the main point in these matters....
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