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Planet Mars is also called the Red Planet or Red World . Mars is reddish in colour and was named after the god of war of the ancient Romans. Mars is the only planet whose surface can be seen in detail from the Earth. Mars is the fourth closest planet to the Sun and the next planet beyond the Earth. Planet Mars Facts: Number of Satellites: 2 (Phobos and Deimos) Rotation Period: 24 hours and 37 minutes Temperature: -140 to 20 degrees celsius (-220 to 60 fahrenheit) Length of Year: About 1 Earth-year and ten and a half months (687 days) Diameter: 6796 Kms (4223 Miles) Axial Tilt: 25.19 degrees Atmosphere: Mainly Carbon Dioxide Surface Mars is a terrestrial planet. It has a hard rocky surface that you could walk on. Mars' surface is dry and much of it is covered with a reddish dust and rocks. Mars has two permanent polar ice caps. Atmosphere The Martian atmosphere consists of carbon dioxide (95 percent), nitrogen (2.7 percent), argon (1.6 percent), oxygen (0.2 percent) and trace amounts of water vapor and carbon monoxide.
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