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Culture group discussion n-011

Culture group discussion n-011 - GROUP 1 a How does the...

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GROUP 1 a. How does the film (Growing up online) illustrate the concepts of "culture shock" and "ethnocentrism," specifically, in reference to cultural misunderstandings between adults and teens around the Internet? b. Discuss the risks, realities, and misconceptions of teenage self- expression on the World Wide Web. GROUP 2 a) Based on ‘the Geography of Time’, describe the difference between Clock Time and Event Time. How are these different types of time related to the level of development of particular culture? Give examples. b) Under the impact of modern technology and commerce, the cycle of Fore life was broken. Discuss the Fore way of life before and after social change. What can we learn about the Fore social transformation? Can you incorporate a dialectical perspective (Marx’s idea) to better understand Fore’s social transformation? In your discussion, please pay attention to “cultural leveling” and the impact of technology in your book (Pp. 58-60) GROUP 3 a) Analyze ‘A Look Behind the Veil’ through symbolic interactionism and cultural relativism? Use the ‘veil’ as a symbol and discuss if we also carry (or wear) ‘veils’ in our culture. Is ethnocentrism ever "justifiable"? Give Examples. b) In the article by Fatema Mernissi, How does she challenges Westerners to think about the ways in which their ‘feminine beauty images’ and practices can be as hurtful and humiliating to women as the enforced veiling of women in some Islamic societies. What does she mean when she states the Western man establishes male domination by manipulating time and light?
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GROUP 4 a.
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Culture group discussion n-011 - GROUP 1 a How does the...

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