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Please remember to a) Relate your topic to SOCIOLOGY and b) Cite references from the course in your paper and include bibliography. When in doubt, contact the instructor or the TAs regarding the topic you are considering. How to Make a Good Grade: 1) Do your research on the topic and cite it well in the paper. 2) Incorporate and properly apply sociological theory from class 3) Use impersonal, scholarly style in writing. Adopt a tone of professional, scientific objectivity. 4) Organize the paper in a logical fashion.
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Unformatted text preview: 5) Write a succinct preview introduction and compelling summary conclusion. 6) Avoid generalizations and categorical statements without providing evidence from social science research. Example: all-too familiar example of this offense would be “More people than ever are living fast-paced lives in today’s society,” or “Men have always been the providers for families.” If you make such bold assertions, please make an effort to find data to support them....
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