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research paper topic proposal

research paper topic proposal - sex families reconstituted...

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Whitney Antoniono SOC 302 TA Group 6 October 5 th , 2011 Research Paper: Topic Proposal For my research paper, I will cover the disintegration of traditional family structures as the firm guidelines instated for traditional marriage were replaced with vague symbols leaving families vulnerable to divorce, domestic violence, infidelity, and breaks within households. Within the past fifty years, the traditional, nuclear family has become obsolete for the majority of American families. Today, modern nuclear families are the minority and new households of same
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Unformatted text preview: sex families, reconstituted families, lone parent families and racially and ethnically diversified families have flooded society. This shift stems from the changing of ideas or symbols about love, parenthood, marriage, relationships, and divorce over the years. The symbolic interactionist approach to this break in family structures argues that it was such ideas or symbols all pushed married couples toward divorce....
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