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BILD 2 Name __ KEY _____ Winter Quarter, 2011 1 BILD 2 FIRST MIDTERM EXAM Winter Quarter, 2008 [This is the KEY for the 1 st midterm the time before last. Grade distribution at that time is indicated at the end. Don’t pass this out but do, of course, use the answers in Section to facilitate discussion and provide a standard.] __Ashley__ 1. (10 points) __Sonya__ 2. (10 points) __Lydia___ 3. (10 points) __Alison__ 4. (10 points) __Sarah___ 5. (10 points) __Marisa__ 6. (10 points) __Danny__ 7. (10 points) _Nhan/Cat_ 8. (15 points) Aimee/Alan 9. (15 points) ________ 100 total TOTAL POINTS _ KEY _ QUESTIONS OR REGRADES? First consult the Exam KEY (here). If questions remain, check with the TA who graded the question (see the names posted above). If the two of you agree on a change, the TA will report it to me. If you and the TA do not agree and you feel strongly about it, attach a brief note (one sentence) and turn the exam plus note into the instructor before Feb 15. He will regrade the question and return it to you. SCORES/GRADES: See the histogram on p.5 for letter grade equivalents. ________________________________________ Signature Date
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BILD 2 Name __ KEY _____ Winter Quarter, 2011 2 1. (10 points) (a) Name the four major tissue types. Epithelial, connective, muscle, and nervous tissues (b) What kinds of photoreceptors do we have and what kinds of light do they detect? Rods which detect white light (light/dark discriminators) & Cones which detect color (red, green, blue light) 2. (10 points) What is rhodopsin? What does it do and how and where does it do it? Rhodopsin is a molecule composed of a protein part (opsin) and a light-absorbing pigment (retinal) which can exist in a cis or trans form. The molecule is located in the membrane (of discs) in the outer segment of photoreceptor cells. When a photon (light) strikes the retinal and converts the cis to the trans form, the action releases a G-protein subunit which initiates a signaling cascade in the cell, relaying the information about light on to the next cell. 3.
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BILD2W11ProbSet2KEY - BILD 2 Winter Quarter, 2011 1 Name...

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