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Chem 140A reaction cards

Chem 140A reaction cards - Reaction Cards Learning organic...

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Reaction Cards Learning organic chemistry involves the absorption of a large amount of material. As you will see, we will stress learning reactions through an understanding of reaction mechanisms. This will minimize the amount of memorization required. However, there is still a large volume of material and some of the reactions are not amenable to ready mechanistic analysis. In addition, familiarity with the myriad of chemical reactions will allow you to more rapidly problem solve on exams. The most effective way I have found to address these learning challenges in organic chemistry is through the use of what I call “reaction cards”. The practice is quite simple but extremely powerful. Buy yourself a pack of blank 3x5 cards and start preparing them NOW! Add to them throughout the quarter. Take the cards with you wherever you go….you would be amazed at the many uses of reaction cards….. Uses of Reaction Cards Be sure to always have your reaction cards with you……you can break them out while riding the bus or during a boring philosophy lecture. Waiting at the DMV to pay your speeding ticket? Reaction cards will help you avoid making eye contact with the crazies who populate that place. Having friends over for dinner? Break out the cards while having the after-dinner cigars and cognac….nothing goes better together ;) Ever been on a date where you felt miserable knowing how much time you were wasting being with this loser? You guessed it…..break out the reaction cards. Not only will your date will get a clear message but you will get a better grade in O-chem! (that’s called a “win-win” in the business world). Or let’s say that you really have a crush on that person in O-chem class that sits in the front row. There’s no better way to break the ice than with a “hey,
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