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studyguide2 - o Jeff McMahan’s “Collectivist Defenses...

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Study Guide for Test 2 (Wed. May. 11) Phil / Poli Sci 28 Spring 2011 Concepts you need to know include: legal equality of combatants combatant’s privilege inculpation exculpation political goal complicity moral risk moral presumption burden of justification excuse culpability Notes about the test: The test will consist of one long-answer essay question (with multiple parts). The material the test will cover will include the follow readings: o Chris Kutz’s “The Difference Uniforms Make”,
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Unformatted text preview: o Jeff McMahan’s “Collectivist Defenses of the Moral Equality of Combatants”, o Igor Primoratz’s, “Walzer's Just War Theory: Issues of Responsibility”. You will also need to be familiar with the arguments and concepts presented in lectures and readings covered in the first test. The test will cover lecture through Monday, May 9 th . Bring your own blue-books....
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