Midterm 1 Review

Midterm 1 Review - Midterm 1 Review COGS11 – Spring 2010 BRING SCANTRON – RED ½ SHEET& PENCIL Material Weeks 1 and 2 In class Thursday Week

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Unformatted text preview: Midterm 1 Review COGS11 – Spring 2010 BRING: SCANTRON – RED ½ SHEET & PENCIL Material: Weeks 1 and 2 In class: Thursday, April 22, 2010 Week 1: Lecture Notes and Podcasts Know why each of the following individuals is relevant to the mind‐brain problem discussed during week1: Plato Gall Flourens Descartes Phineas Gage Broca Wernicke Cotard What is the difference between top‐down and bottom‐up processing – explain it in terms of the visual system. Navigation terms and section identification Anatomical subdivisions of the brain What are the homunculi – sensory and motor? Where is primary somatosensory cortex and primary motor cortex? Neuron and Glia basics Week 2: Lecture Notes, Podcasts, and Reading (Minds & Brains: pp.1‐30) What are the three principles of the biology of the nerve cells? What are the four principles that make up Cajal’s neuron doctrine? What was Sherrington’s contribution to understanding reflexes? Parts of the neuron and their specific function. All of the aspects of the action potential as discussed in lecture and in the readings. Know each of the following famous neuroscientists and their contribution: Golgi Galvani Helmholtz Adrian Bernstein Hodgkin & Huxley Cajal Loewi and Dale Katz ...
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