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3.7.07 - Anton Chekhov Henrik Ibsen A Doll’s House •...

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3/7/07 Realism- A Doll’s House Realism “The details of the setting, the costuming, and the circumstances of the  action were so fully realized as to convince audiences that they were  listening in on life itself.” Illusion Mid-Nineteenth Century Profound changes in religion, philosophy, psychology and economics Modern Theatre began with three playwrights Henrik Ibsen August Strindberg
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Unformatted text preview: Anton Chekhov Henrik Ibsen- A Doll’s House • Called the Father of Modern Drama • He wrote plays about contemporary life, particularly those of the individual caught in a repressive society. • Although his social message, radical and shocking during his time, and are no longer revolutionary, his portrait of humanity is timeless. • Betty Hennings • Emil Poulsen...
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