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Date: May 13, 2011 To: Holly Downs (Animal Science Major) From: Shelsie Kloepper Subject: CNC Plasma Cutter Often during the holiday season, you may decide to celebrate by making cookies. It often happens around holiday time that you decide to have a cookie making day. So y Y ou pull out your favorite bowl, all the ingredients, and the cookie cutters. As you have the dough carefully rolled out After carefully rolling out the dough, you thoughtfully choose where to place each cutter. which cutter to place where. And by the end At the end of th e day, you have a lovely cookie arrangement of different shapes all due thanks to the cookie cutters. Similarly , a Computer Numeric Control Plasma c C utter , or CNC Plasma Cutter, can cut out any shape, but instead of sliding through dough it can cut s through metal. The CNC Plasma c C utter is connected to a computer where you can design parts and shapes that you want to cut out. CNC Plasma c C utters are great for making any intricate parts of a project, because they
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