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FAQ’s Q: Will the cell shell work on a moving vehicle? A: No. Due to the Global Positioning telemetry system that the Cell Shell incorporates in this device, the current model only works on stationary objects, or objects moving at less than 3 feet per hour. Q: What if I leave my dog in the backyard, and it comes in while I’m away. Will I get a message every time he needs to go inside? A:No. Advanced Engineering has specifically designed the Cell Shell to overlook heat signatures that are smaller than that of humans, so there is no chance of false alarms due to pets Q: Where do I have to put my Cell Shell in order to be sure I’m protected?
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Unformatted text preview: A:Place the Cell Shell within 5 feet of the object you want to blanket with protection, and the Cell Shell will automatically calibrate to the shape and size of the object. Q: How will the automated alert system affect my phone bill? A: The Cell Shell’s notification system does not have any contracts with mobile device companies, and standard messaging rates apply. Q: Who should I call if I have a problem with my Cell Shell? A: There are no problems with the Cell Shell. Q: Can I extend my warranty? A: No. The manufacturer’s warranty that comes with every Cell Shell sold is the only available warranty at this time....
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