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Revision Assignment 2011-1 - Revision Assignment...

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Revision Assignment Instructions – read carefully Revise 16 of these sentences (last name A -- R do the even numbers, last name S -- Z do the odd numbers). Use the techniques learned in the book, class, and online. Look for wordiness, nominalizations, and weak verbs. Change passive to active and use strong verbs. Create strong, clear sentences. Submit ONLY your revised sentences in a memo format with a decent frontload. Include original numbering for the sentences. Due Friday, April 22 1. Biomedical engineering will be at the forefront of society’s quest for innovation over the next twenty years as it continues to bridge the gap between medicine and engineering. 2. Technology is quickly moving in this direction, but the incorporation of these four tasks into an automobile will be the cornerstone of this budding technology. 3. Because I am an Industrial Engineer, my place in the future will be working towards more efficient methods of production. 4. In conclusion, it is important that we design products that will not harm people or the environment in order to create a decent environment for future generation. 5.
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Revision Assignment 2011-1 - Revision Assignment...

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