Shelsie's Tribute

Shelsie's Tribute - Shelsie Kloepper 1 December 2010 My Tribute to Midnight Wild and Restless Curious and cautious Playful and Strong He gallops

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Shelsie Kloepper 1 December 2010 My Tribute to Midnight Wild and Restless. Curious and cautious. Playful and Strong. He gallops across the pasture violently tossing his head in delight as the sky fills with a cloud of dust and dirt. He comes to the fence and waits impatiently for me to quickly dust off his back and slip a bridle onto his face. All that’s left is for me to grab a handful of his shiny black mane and swing onto his back. Then we take off as one. With the sound of thundering hooves filling the air, I breathe in that strong wonderful smell. I feel that we are the only two in the world. This is a picture perfect afternoon because it is spent with my best friend. Even as a young untamed mustang Midnight embodied gentleness. He was always willing to do anything asked of him. This little pony had the determination to conquer any task. When Midnight sees the jump he is being guided to he perks up and prepares for the jump. He leaps into the air looking straight ahead and sails smoothly over the fence. No matter how scary
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