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ASCI 112 Midterm 3 Reproduction objectives 1. Be able to identify, label, or draw the following structures of any of our livestock species: Ovary Oviduct Uterus Cervix Fornix Broad Ligament Retractor Penis Muscle Pelvis Bulbourethral Glands Vesicular Glands Spermatic Cord Testis Cauda Epididymus Rectum Penile Body Sheath / Prepuce Sigmoid Flexure Crus of Penis Scrotum 2. Understand the major hormonal influences in the female during the estrous cycle.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. Understand the major hormonal influences in the male reproductive tract. 4. Know the major differences between the livestock species in regards to anatomy of the reproductive tract, length of estrous cycle, duration of estrus, time of ovulation, gestation length, and placental characteristics. 5. Define A.I. and understand the basic process of embryo transfer in the mare....
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