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Shelsie Kloepper BRAE 133-01 9 March 2010 Pg. 1 of 1 In the Engineering Design Graphics class the students learned many useful skills that will help them in their future careers within the Bioresource and Agriculture Engineering Department. Although there are numerous concepts we grasped throughout the course, my two favorites were using an isometric pictoral to sketch the orthographic views and using two-point perspective. To begin with, on many assignments the students were given an isometric pictoral and then had to use that picture to determine what each side would look like looking at it straight on. This seemed difficult at first, because there were many things to watch out for. Those hidden lines seemed to always sneak onto the page somewhere. This skill I acquired will definitely help me in my future career as it will help teach me to see objects from all sides. The six orthographic views give one a very detailed layout of all the corners and surfaces present within a structure. One way this process of seeing all sides
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