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Which Distribution0[1]

Which Distribution0[1] - What distribution would you use...

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IET 2227 Name _________________________________________ ‘Which Dist.’ Worksheet (Do not calculate these, just indicate either Binomial, Hypergeometric, Poisson distributions) 1. There is a 12% probability that a soda can is underweight (less than 12oz.) If we ship cans in cases of 24, what is the distribution on the number of underweight cans? What is the probability that there are exactly 2 underweight? 2. Suppose a particular case of 24 has 3 underweight containers. If you choose 6 at random, what is the probability that you get at least one defective? 3. A hospital ER accepts an average of about 47 bone fractures per week. What distribution would we use the model the number of fractures per day? 4. Suppose there is a 90% probability that your car will start in the morning.
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Unformatted text preview: What distribution would you use the model the probability that your car starts at least 6 of the 7 mornings you attempt to start it this week? 5. A small lake contains 50 fish. One day a fisherman catches 10 of the fish and tags them so that they can be recognized if they are caught again. The next day the fisherman catches 8 fish, releasing them after noting whether they were tagged. What is the probability that he caught exactly one tagged fish the second day? 6. Now what if he holds all 8 until the end of the day and then checks how many were tagged? 7. If 6 cards are randomly drawn from a pack of cards, what is the distribution on the expected number of cards chosen from the heart suit? 8. What distribution would the number of flaws in a 2X3’ glass sheet have?...
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