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Clif Clawson the class jester

Clif Clawson the class jester - Dr Entwisle a youngish...

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Clif Clawson  the class jester Angus Duer  brilliant, hard-driving valedictorian of his class "Fatty" Pfaff  the butt of many crude jokes Irving Watters  a serious second-year medic. Mrs. Fox  Madeline's mother Nelly Byers  probationary nurse, friend of Leora "Dr." Benoni Carr  a charlatan Dr. Rouncefield  head of the Chicago clinic George F. Babbitt  Zenith real estate king
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Entwisle a youngish physiologist from Harvard Dawson Hunziker president of Hunziker pharmaceutical firm Mrs. Gottlieb peasant wife of the great scientist Robert Gottlieb their worthless son Miriam Gottlieb their faithful daughter Another Gottlieb daughter (unnamed) who eloped with a gambler...
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