It is past two o

It is past two o - It is past two o'clock and Orlando has...

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Unformatted text preview: It is past two o'clock, and Orlando has not arrived for his meeting with Ganymede. Silvius does arrive, however, bringing Phebe's letter to Ganymede, and Rosalind playfully pretends that it is, as the illiterate shepherd supposed, full of invective, and she teasingly accuses Silvius of writing it because it is a "man's invention and his hand." But when she stops and actually reads the letter aloud, even the gullible Silvius realizes that the note is, in actuality, a love poem — to Ganymede. Silvius is ordered to return to Phebe with this message: "if she loves me [Ganymede], I charge her to love thee; if she will not, I will never have her unless thou entreat for her." A stranger arrives onstage next. It is Oliver; he has come in search of Ganymede, and he presents "him" with a token from Orlando, a bloody handkerchief. He explains that Orlando, while walking in "him" with a token from Orlando, a bloody handkerchief....
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