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Martin Arrowsmith, M.D.  scientist and leading character Leora Tozer Arrowsmith  Martin's first wife Dr. Max Gottlieb  professor of bacteriology and true scientist Dr. Terry Wickett  Martin's associate in scientific research Madeline Fox  to whom Martin at one time is engaged Joyce Lanyon   Arrowsmith  Martin's second wife Gustaf Sondelius  colorful Swedish physician and lecturer Doc Vickerson  who first inspired Martin to want to study medicine Professor Edward Edwards  head of department of chemistry
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Unformatted text preview: Dr. Norman Brumfit instructor in English Dr. T. J. H. ("Dad") Silva dean of the medical school Dr. John Aldington Robertshaw professor of physiology Dr. Oliver O. Stout professor of anatomy Dr. Lloyd Davidson professor of materia medica Dr. Roscoe Geake professor of otolaryngology Dr. Loiseau professor of surgery Dr. Horace Greeley Truscott president of the university Reverend Ira Hinkley desirous of becoming a missionary...
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