Mr - Mr Thompson Mr Thompson is the Head of State He is...

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Unformatted text preview: Mr. Thompson Mr. Thompson is the Head of State. He is utterly pragmatic, contemptuous of principles or convictions, and driven by the expediency of the moment. He will make any deal necessary with anybody in order to keep himself in power. Mr. Thompson even believes that he can cut a deal with John Galt who, in his view, has control of a political pressure group — the men of brains. Mr. Thompson is honestly puzzled by Galt's unwillingness to make a deal with him. In his cynical view, there is no such thing as a man not open to a corrupt deal. Dr. Floyd Ferris The day-to-day head of the State Science Institute, Dr. Floyd Ferris is a murderous bureaucrat with an unquenchable lust for political power. Dr. Ferris would murder Galt without a second thought rather than give up the power he has gained. Ferris postures as a scientist but is second thought rather than give up the power he has gained....
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