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There are other - There are other less romantic lovers in...

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Unformatted text preview: There are other, less romantic lovers in the Forest of Arden. For example, there is the "poetic" and philosophical Touchstone and the earthy Audrey. Yielding to instinct, Touchstone has wooed and has finally won Audrey, perhaps Shakespeare's most dull-witted country wench. The pair hurry along to meet Sir Oliver Martext, the vicar of the neighboring village, and are followed by Jaques, who is, as might be expected, amused by the incongruous pair. When Sir Oliver arrives, they discover that there is no one to give the bride away, so Jaques offers his services, but he recommends that they be married by a priest as "this fellow will but join you together as they join wainscot." Touchstone, however, would prefer it that way because, as he says in an aside, "not being well married, it will be a good excuse for me hereafter to leave my wife." So he decides to find a proper person to marry him good excuse for me hereafter to leave my wife....
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