When the scene opens

When the scene opens - When the scene opens Audrey is...

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Unformatted text preview: When the scene opens, Audrey is fretting about her postponed marriage; "Faith, the priest [Oliver Martext] was good enough," she whines, but Touchstone changes the subject by mentioning a youth "here in the forest" who has claimed Audrey as his own. This rustic character, William, now appears, and in answer to Touchstone's question "Art thou wise?" he replies, "Ay, Sir, I have a pretty wit." To this, Touchstone responds by quoting a saying beginning "The fool doth think he is wise." Thus, Touchstone quickly reduces William to a state of stupefaction. William meekly goes away, and Corin arrives with word that Touchstone is wanted by Aliena and Ganymede. Note that in this scene, Touchstone, in addressing William, uses the condescending pronoun "thou," while William uses the more respectful pronoun "you." Here, William, like Audrey and Corin, is used while William uses the more respectful pronoun "you....
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