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DIG2500C_FA09_Syllabus_McDaniel - Fall 2009 Syllabus...

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Fall 2009 Syllabus DIG2500C: Fundamentals of Interactive Design 3 credit hours 3(2,2) Dr. Rudy McDaniel Lecture: Tuesdays 8:30– 10:20 (BA 121) Labs: Thursdays 10:30 – 12:20 or 2:30 – 4:20 (OTC 134) Contacting the Professor Office Hours: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 2:30 – 4:00 & By Appointment Office: OTC 500, Room 144 Phone 407-823-2488 FAX: 407-823-6103 E-Mail: [email protected] Course Web Site: http://www.dm.ucf.edu/~rmcdaniel/courses/dig2500c/ Course Description In this course, students will learn to implement the foundations of interactive media including user-interface design concepts, optimization/performance issues, resources and tools. Students combine audio, video, imaging, animation, and other media formats to construct an interactive product using industry-standard software. Course Requirements: Prerequisite: Digital Imaging Fundamentals; Introduction to Digital Media. It is expected that you will have some proficiency in the following: Basic computer hardware and software operations The ability to read, follow, and execute process from written instructions The ability to research and download various software applications from the Internet Expressing abstract concepts in written communication Course Objectives: Students successfully completing this course will be able to: 1. Examine various interactive product designs. 2. Understand human-computer interaction 3. Apply effective user-interface design across platforms. 4. Utilize a variety of platforms and formats in delivery of interactive content. 5. Examine functionality, content, and usability for various interactive formats. 6. Author an interactive product. Required Texts The Art of Interactive Design: A Euphonious and Illuminating Guide to Building Successful Software , Chris Crawford, No Starch Press; ISBN-10: 1-8864-1184-0. Foundation Flash CS4 for Designers , Tom Green, David Stiller, friends of ED; ISBN-10: 1-4302-1093-1. Student Learning Outcomes Digital Media students will have knowledge of digital technologies and demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge to deliver content. Digital Media students will demonstrate a knowledge of interaction, interactive media and the factors that influence human-computer interaction. Digital Media students will demonstrate an understanding of digital creation as applied to particular artistic and expressive ends. Digital Media students are expected to effectively demonstrate knowledge of project management. Digital Media students will be able to construct a variety of communication vehicles to present self and work to a variety of audiences.
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Evaluation Procedures Grade Categories Description of the requirements Weight Attendance See policy below. Participation
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DIG2500C_FA09_Syllabus_McDaniel - Fall 2009 Syllabus...

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