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IDS 4704 E-Commerce II Spring 2005 Midterm Examination Dr. McDaniel Student Name: __________________________________ Date: _________________ Directions Write your name and the date at the top of this exam. You will have a total of one hour and fifteen minutes to complete this midterm, which is worth a total of 100 points. The midterm is closed book and closed notes. Please read the directions next to each exam section before beginning each part. When you have finished the exam, you are free to bring your exam up to me and leave class for the day. Please do not disturb your classmates, who may still be taking the exam, when you leave. Raise your hand during the exam if you have any questions. Part I: True/False (10 points total, 2 points each) Directions: circle true or false for each of the statements below. 1. When adding a notify icon to your Visual Studio project, this component initially binds to your Windows form (like a text field). True or False 2. When using a timer icon in Visual Studio, this component initially docks to the component bar of the form view. True or False 3. To declare an object and allocate memory for that object, you just use the Dim keyword, exactly like declaring an Integer variable. True or False 4. The “Add new Item” function of Visual Studio lets you add over 30 different types of items
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dig3525_exampleFormatExam - IDS 4704 E-Commerce II Midterm...

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