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DIG3525 Production I Final Exam Dr. McDaniel Review and Study Guide Summer 2005 Material to Study: The majority of the material for the final exam is taken from chapters 1-3 of the Gee book. So, spend most of your time studying this material. 1. From Phase 5 of the Goto & Cotler book (Ch. 7): a. Understand the difference between quantitative and qualitative data b. Know what a production style guide is c. Know the names of the three subphases for Phase 5 and the order in which they occur d. Know what a maintenance plan is, and why this is useful e. Don’t worry about the Expert Topics from this chapter f. Know the difference between a hard launch and a soft launch g. Know the top reasons behind why people return to websites h. Know about security issues (pg. 204 and 205) 2. From the usability chapter (Ch. 8): a. Know the steps that usually occur during usability testing, and the order in which they occur b. Know about some low cost alternatives to usability testing c. Know about the usability of Flash technology (and this technology’s accessibility)
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