Mcdaniel summer 2005 dig3525 dr 14 reading quizzes

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Unformatted text preview: uizzes will generally be open book You will only have a limited amount of time You to complete the quizzes, though to Format will be True/False, Matching, and Format Multiple Choice Multiple Generally, the quizzes will consist of 10 Generally, questions questions For the first quiz (syllabus), you’ll have 5 For minutes, so make sure to read it carefully! minutes, Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 15 This Week’s Assignments 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Read the syllabus and take the WebCT Read syllabus quiz (DIG3525 quiz #1) syllabus Download and install Microsoft Project Download 2003 from the DM ELMS website DM Post a minimum 150 word introduction to Post the Class Introductions discussion forum the Post a minimum 250 word proposal to Post the appropriate Group Proposals forum the Read pgs. 1-36 in Goto/Cotler text Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 16 Your Class Introduction Tell Tell us who you are, your class standing (junior, senior, etc.), what you hope to do for a career, and anything else that you would like to share with your classmates. would If you have worked on any large digital If media projects before, you may wish to share your experiences in this posting. share Required length: 150 words minimum. Required Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 17 Your Group Selection Proposal In In this posting, you should pick a project (one of the three) and explain why you are most qualified to be working on that particular project. You should post to the forum representing the group you would like to join. The strongest proposals will be allowed to join the desired groups. I will fill in other groups as necessary. groups. There will be 10 students in each group. So, you There may want to take into account project popularity when proposing to one forum or another. when Required length: 250 words minimum. Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 18 Introduction to MS Project 2003 1. 2. 3. 4. Downloading the software: Visit the ELMS Faq Visit Faq Visit the ELMS Software Repository Your login will be your UCF registered Your email address, your initial password is “welcome.” Change it! “welcome.” Download MS Project 2003 Professional,...
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