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Unformatted text preview: DIG3525 Dr. 7 WebCT Website 1. 2. 3. 4. You will use the WebCT website to: You WebCT to: Post writing responses Take quizzes Ask for help from me (internal WebCT Ask email system or “Questions for the Instructor” forum topic) or your classmates (“Main” forum topic) classmates Check major assignment due dates Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 8 Sulley Course Website 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. You will use the Sulley website to: You Sulley to: Download course notes Download sample MS Project files Access study materials Access outside links and templates from Access the Web Redesign textbook the Access course announcements Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 9 Course Schedule All All due dates and weekly assignments will be announced in Tuesday lectures. be Major due dates at least will be noted on Major the WebCT calendar – however, don’t assume these dates are set in stone. The Tuesday lecture will always provide the most up to date information. most Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 10 Methods of Evaluation WebCT Postings and Activities: 15% WebCT Quizzes: 15% Midterm Exam: 15% Final Exam: 15% Individual Project Book: 15% Group Project Book: 15% Class Participation: 10% ATTENDANCE IS MANDATORY! Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 11 Group Project Options Option Option Option 1: The Game (Website) Jeff Wirth Bob Kenney Steve Teicher Client: 2: The Mod (Video Game) 3: Portal Module (Website) Client: Client: Group proposal due by Saturday, May 21st Group project book due Tuesday, July 12th Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 12 Individual Project You You will propose a final individual project to me by June 30 to will have 5 weeks to create a project book and a project template for this proposal proposal individual project book due Aug 4th Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 13 You You Final Minor Assignment Deadlines Readings Readings are due by the next in-class period or by Saturday of that week if the period reading requires a writing response reading Writing assignments are due by Saturday Writing at midnight following the week during at which they were assigned which Quizzes are due by Sunday at midnight Quizzes Sunday following the week during which they were assigned assigned Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 14 Reading Quizzes Q...
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