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Unformatted text preview: DIG3525: Project Management in Electronic Worlds Electronic Lecture 2 Dr. Rudy McDaniel Summer 2005 Today’s Lecture Announcements Introduction and housekeeping Lecture: project management overview to the Core Process Phase 1: Define the Project Class activity (large group work) Guests for The Game project Guests The Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 2 Announcements All three books are now in the bookstore. Grades for quiz 1 and postings 1 & 2 are Grades available on WebCT. available Today’s lecture materials related to the Today’s group project are available on the Projects page on our Sulley webpage. on This will likely be our busiest week of the This semester. If you pick one week to slack off, don’t let it be this one! off, Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 3 Notes on Quizzes Quiz 1 average score: 80% Future quizzes will give you a bit more Future time (1 minute per question) but not enough to look up every answer in the book. book. Late quizzes will lose 10 points for Late every :30 past the deadline to submit. every Remember, quizzes must be taken by Remember, Sunday at midnight! Sunday Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 4 Notes on Postings If you received a low grade on your If postings, and want to improve future posting grades: posting 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Meet the minimum length requirement Make sure you’re not being too informal Spell-check and proofread your posting Capitalize proper nouns, including the Capitalize names of software programs names Make sure it is done by Saturday at midnight Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 5 This Week’s Tasks Project Project plan documents due by Saturday at midnight (in .zip file): at Microsoft project plan with tasks & resources Organizational chart Revised client survey Revised maintenance survey 2-page competition analysis document Staging area with additional documents Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 6 Assigned Reading for This Week Tuesday: Tuesday: Goto & Cotler p. 39-86 (Phase 1: Define) Goto & Cotler p. 259-277 (Analyze the Goto Competition) Competition) Thursday: Goto Goto & Cotler p. 87-118 (Phase 2: Develop Site Structure) Site Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 7 Introduction to the Core Process The The core process is a workflow (series of steps and procedures) that defines how you can plan and implement a project you Think of it as a roadmap or guide The core process is designed around the The needs of a client client Goto and Cotler define the client as a Goto schizophrenic term. What do they mean by that? by Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 8 Web Layers In web design, you can think of a site in In terms of abstract layers: terms 1. 2. 3. The design/presentation layer The application layer The server / database layer The first layer is sometimes referred to The as the “front-end” while the latter two layers reside in the “backend.” layers What are some examples of these layers What in an existing website? in Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 9 Redesign Scheduling Scheduling Scheduling is an issue now more than ever with the acceleration and competition of the Internet marketplace. of Previous Previous time spans: 18-24 months allowed for redesign for Today’s time spans: 3-6 months allowed for Today’s redesign redesign In this class: 5 weeks allowed! Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 10 Why Redesign? Why Design? What What is the point of The Game? The What is the point of a modded video What game? game? What is the point of a new portal? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 11 Redesign Cycles The The Core Process is an iterative design cycle. What does this mean? cycle. The 1.x to 2.x effort (versioning) What is an example of a gradual What implementation? implementation? In software engineering, this type of In design is known as the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model Development Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 12 Strategy Strategy Strategy in planning is “the development of a clear action plan to ‘bridge the gap’ between current state and future vision” – Leigh Duncan Leigh How do we bridge this gap? Audience The Analysis Client The Customer(s) Primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 13 Ten Tips for a Successful Redesign 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Focus on your audience Set measurable goals Redesign towards web standards Customize your own process Establish a method of content creation Establish and delivery and Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 14 Ten Tips for Successful Redesign Ten (cont.) (cont.) 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Clearly define your technical goals Keep site maintenance in mind Believe in usability testing Don’t hide from search engines Think long term but focus on short term Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 15 The Core Process 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. The Core Process consists of 5 phases: Define the Project Develop Site Structure Design Visual Interface Build & Integrate Launch & Beyond Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 16 Phase 1: Define the Project Discovery: Discovery: gather info, understand your gather audience, analyze the industry, develop audience analyze functional requirements functional Clarification: determine overall goals and Clarification: prepare a communication brief prepare Planning: create a project plan, set Planning: budget, create schedules, assign project team, set up staging areas, plan for user team set plan testing testing Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 17 Discovery Discovery Discovery should be done both on your own (i.e. watching The Game or browsing The the existing DM website) and with the help of your client through 2 surveys: of The The Client Survey Client The Maintenance Survey The Maintenance These These of course will need to be modified somewhat, depending on the particulars of your project. your Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 18 Clarification Clarification Clarification will be handled next week when you prepare a Communications Brief Communications and obtain your client’s signature. and Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 19 Planning Planning Planning Face tasks will be done through a combination of: combination to face meetings (like today) Project management software (MS Project) Paper documents (organizational chart, team Paper contact information sheet, etc.) contact Online meeting space for your group (WebCT Online Group 1-3 Work Space) Group Online meeting place for your client (staging Online area) area) Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 20 Can we get to the groups, already? Based Based on the quantity of postings, The Game project has proven to be most popular. Unfortunately, everyone can’t work on that project. So … I’ve divided the groups up as follows: the Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 21 Group 1: The Game Golems Jon Smiley, Derrick Oppelt David Tran, David Hughes Michael Zuccolo, Thomas McDermott Kathy Dang, James Plafke Frank Volinksy, Jonathan Young Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 22 Group 2: The Mad Modders Austin Parkin, Scott Rapp Marc Palestina, Mathew Citarella Darrell Staebler, Ricky Fernandez Christopher Ambrose, Claudia Lucar Mark Pohlad, Tamara Myers Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 23 Group 3: The Portal People Matt Rigg, Zach Firestone Ian Dempsey, Stephanie Davis Carisa Sumpter, Kelly McLachlan Kevin Clarke, Blake Lyons Yvan Martino, Adam York Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 24 Group Tasks 1. 2. 3. 4. Make introductions Gather contact information Work through the early group tasks Work document document Assign tasks to different group members Assign based on suggested resources, areas of expertise, or your overall group judgment expertise, Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 25 ...
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