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Unformatted text preview: DIG3525: Project Management in Electronic Worlds Electronic Lecture 5 Dr. Rudy McDaniel Summer 2005 Today’s Lecture Brief Brief project updates (1-2 minutes each group) group) Announcements and housekeeping Review questions Lecture: Lecture: Phase 4: Build and Integrate Midterm format review Group work time Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 2 Announcements Midterm is next week (June 21st) and covers and Phases 1-4 and the Competition Analysis from the Phases Goto/Cotler text. Quiz 3 is due by this Sunday. Goto/Cotler No class on Tuesday, June 28th. This will be a This work day you can use to work in groups or to start working on your Individual Project Proposal. Individual This week begins the transition to a slower pace. No more bundle duties. Unless anyone alerts me No otherwise, I will assume everyone is doing their fair share of the work. fair Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 3 This Week’s Tasks By Thursday: post your link to the Protosite on post the discussion board – this was supposed to be done last week. done By Saturday: complete all readings and make complete sure you take notes on relevant topics sure By Sunday: complete Quiz 3 on WebCT. By next Tuesday: study all materials from text study and lecture notes for the midterm exam. and Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 4 Review questions 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. What is a mental model? How do What mental How sitemaps help to create such a model? sitemaps What is the purpose of the What Communication Brief document? Communication What is the purpose of the Kick Off What event? event Whose responsibility is it to perform an Whose audience analysis? When does it audience When happen? happen? Who is responsible for performing a Who content audit? When does this happen? content Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 5 Phase 4: Introduction Phase Phase 3 deals with building and integrating what you have planned so far. what This phase has three additional This subphases: subphases: Plan (3 Parts) Build and Integrate (5 parts) Test (4 parts) Why Why is another planning phase necessary? necessary? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 6 3 Parts of Phase 4a: Planning 1. 2. 3. Assessing Project Status Establishing Guidelines Setting File Structure Getting complicated? Use notecards to Getting help you study for the midterm! help Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 7 4a.1 Project Status Planning Planning is needed to make sure the project is still headed in the right direction given the current climate of client-designer relations. relations. How can you get an idea of what the client How expects and what your design team expects the finished product to look like? expects Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 8 4a.2 Guidelines You You can use the Client Spec Sheet to Client make sure that agreed upon guidelines will be used in production. will The Client Spec Sheet is a survey which The takes into account the current project’s form and content (legacy data) and the form and new project. It covers everything from target specifications to functionality to server and hosting information. server See pg. 149-151 for an example. Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 9 4a.2 Readdressing Audience 4a.2 Capabilities Capabilities At At some point, it is necessary to inform the client that you cannot accept any new content. This is known as implementing a content freeze. content Next, check the scope: Sitemap Visual Complexity Scripting Needs Backend Engineering Accessibility (Bobby, W3C; and Macromedia’s Accessibility Section 508 Accessibility Suite) Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 10 4a.2 Addressing Slippage What In In is slippage? finance, this is “the difference between estimated transaction costs and the amount actually paid.” actually What do you think this means in project What management? management? What is the primary cause of slippage? How can it be handled? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 11 4a.3 Setting File Structure Not Not the same thing as Phase 2 (information architecture). (information Is essentially housekeeping and Is organization. organization. Questions to ask: How is the current file structure organized? Does folder structure mirror content structure? How are images stored (i.e. global directory or How using specific subdirectories?) using Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 12 5 Parts of Phase 4b: Build and Parts Integrate Integrate 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Slicing and optimization Creating HTML templates and pages Implementing light scripting Creating and populating pages Integrating backend development (if this Integrating applies) applies) Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 13 4b Build and Integrate This This is the point at which HTML production actually begins. actually This will be a question typical of the quiz/ midterm. At which point does HTML midterm. production begin according to the Goto & Cotler method of web redesign? Cotler A) Phase 1 B) Phase 2 C) Phase 4a D) Phase 4b Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 14 4b.1 Slicing and Optimization Involves Involves the processing (slicing and optimization) of the graphical templates into HTML files. into What is the difference between slicing and What slicing optimization? Another good midterm optimization Another question. question. What is the difference between slicing and What slicing splicing? splicing Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 15 4b.2 Creating HTML templates and 4b.2 pages pages Templates allow a single page to be reused for several subsequent pages based on that same design. based What are some reasons for using What templates? templates? What are includes, and why are they What includes and useful? useful? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 16 4b.3 Implementing Light Scripting “Light” Light” here does not mean placing light sources for illumination. sources Light scripting includes: Rollovers Form Validation Pull Down Menus Popup Windows Etc. How How might these things be scripted? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 17 4b.4 Creating and Populating 4b.4 Pages Pages Code Code the specific pages from your templates. templates. Also includes the addition of invisible Also content. content What is invisible content? There are 3 important invisible content There tags mentioned in the text. Make sure you know what they are for the midterm/quiz. know Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 18 4b.5 Integrating Backend 4b.5 Development Development May not apply to your project. Involves coordinating the backend with the Involves front-end. front-end. Sample midterm/quiz question: During Sample which part of development should a PHP developer attempt to integrate their code with the front-end HTML files? Answer: Phase 4b, Step 5. Phase Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 19 4 Parts of Phase 4c: Testing 1. 2. 3. 4. Understanding Quality Assurance testing Conducting QA testing Identifying, prioritizing, and fixing bugs Conducting a final check Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 20 4c.1 Understanding QA Testing Use Use 10% of your total time and resources for your QA budget. for Involves fixing mistakes (typos, misplaced Involves content, bad links) and bug tracking (images don’t load correctly). (images The ability to conduct QA testing relies on The 3 things. Know what they are for the midterm and quiz. midterm Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 21 4c.2 Conducting QA Testing 3 Levels of QA: Light/Informal, Semiformal, Levels Formal. We will be doing light/informal. Know the budget ranges necessary for each level (see table on pg. 174 in text). table Choose which level of QA your project requires. QA should involve at least 2 complete runthroughs. Why? It is helpful to have a QA lead. It QA For the quiz/midterm, you should know the For difference between the basic and advanced testing procedures shown on pg. 170. testing Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 22 4c.3 Identifying, Prioritizing, and 4c.3 Fixing Bugs Fixing Use Use a bug tracking tool to assign priorities to various bugs in the project. to Then, fix them according to the problems Then, with the highest priority! with Remember that postlaunch fixes should Remember be done in an iterative fashion. Why? be Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 23 4c.4 Conducting a Final Check 1. 2. 2. 3. 4. 5. Check all items are operating as they should. Check Things to check: Things Design Design HTML Structure Functionality/Engineering Content Client Approval Watch out for showstoppers. What are these? Watch showstoppers Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 24 Phase 4 Summary Phase Phase 4 is the production phase of the production Core Process. Core Phase 4 involves additional planning Phase additional (realign the project and make sure it is still on track with minimal slippage), the building and integrating portion (primary building part of phase 4), and testing (QA testing, and fixing bugs, and the final check). fixing Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 25 Midterm Review Material: Material: Introduction Introduction and Chapters 1-6 (Phase 1-4), up to page 176 to Chapter 10 (Analyzing your Competition) Chapter pages 260-276 pages Tips: Make Make index cards for Phases 1-4 and their subphases and for jargon/vocabulary. subphases Read all sidebars and Expert Topics Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 26 Midterm Format You You will have full 1:15 to complete the exam. exam. Five sections: True/False, Matching, Fill in Five the Blank, Short Answer, and Long Answer Answer See the sample exam online (covers exam See structure only, not content) to see an not to example of how the exam will be laid out. example Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 27 Group Activity Choose Choose a graphic template that you would like to develop into a final model. Your client of course will have to approve this as well. will Divide responsibilities up amongst your group in Divide terms of Phase 4 duties. We will not be doing the Client Spec Sheet, but we will be doing an informal QA test. informal The next major group submission (bundle 4) will The be due 2 weeks from Saturday (July 2nd). be Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 28 ...
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