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Unformatted text preview: DIG3525: Project Management in Electronic Worlds Electronic Lecture 6 Dr. Rudy McDaniel Summer 2005 Today’s Lecture Brief Brief project updates (1-2 minutes each group) group) Individual project discussion Announcements and housekeeping Lecture: Lecture: Phase 5: Launch and Beyond Review Review User Feedback Document User assignment assignment Review of midterm exam Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 2 Announcements (1) The The final exam will be given on Tuesday, July 19th. This will cover the remaining material from 19 This the Goto/Cotler text as well as material from the Gee book. You will then have the remaining 2 weeks of You class to work on your final individual project (due class due August 4th). August 2 quizzes remain, and will primarily cover quizzes material from the James Gee text. material Bundle 3 and 4 grades will be up this week. Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 3 Announcements (2) Only Only three more total in-class lectures, including today – lots left to do! today The survey responses were sent to the DM The administration. Thank you for your feedback! Many of you noted that you wanted to learn about tools, so, if there is enough interest, I will offer some additional tools-based workshops on Thursdays at 11:00. Thursdays Remember that the Core Process can be applied Remember Core to any type of media project, not just websites. to Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 4 This Week’s Tasks By Thursday: If applicable, prepare for If supplemental tools lecture. supplemental By Saturday: Gee readings: Introduction and Gee Chapter 1 (pgs. 1-50) on Semiotic Domains. Semiotic By Sunday: Complete Gee reading and post Complete reading response to WebCT. By next Tuesday: complete User Feedback complete Document and be ready to present results in Document class. class. Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 5 The General Production Pipeline 1. Define the Project 2. Develop Information Infrastructure 3. Design the Visual Interface 4. Build and Integrate 5. Launch and Maintain 5. Launch Remember, Remember, this production cycle is not limited to web-based projects only! limited Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 6 Phase 5: Introduction Phase Phase 5 deals with launching the project you have spent so much time on. you This phase has three additional This subphases: subphases: 1. Delivery 2. Launch 3. Maintenance Launch Launch is not an end, but a transition. What is it a transition to? What Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 7 1. Delivery: Handing Off After After a project has been completed, it moves from a site-in-development to a site-in-development site-in-maintenance. site-in-maintenance Is the team that designs the project Is normally the same team that maintains it? normally What might this depend on? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 8 1. Delivery: The Production Style 1. Guide Guide The The production style guide is an expanded production version of the design style guide started during design Phase Three Phase The production style guide normally contains: Naming conventions Code formatting conventions Structure and organization Page layout information A password protected directory can be useful to password store example templates and internal docs. store Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 9 1. Delivery: The Handoff Packet Like “a baton in a relay race.” Contains a collection of all project assets. Contains project What are project assets? What The handoff packet contains: Source Images Templates Specifications Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 10 files 1. Delivery: Other Handoff 1. Considerations Considerations Timeframe Timeframe for transitional tutoring. What is this? How long should it last? is Tracking documentation. Which types of Tracking documentation should be tracked? documentation Conducting a postlaunch meeting. Conducting Scheduling maintenance training. Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 11 1. Delivery: Assessment How How do you measure the effectiveness of your project in an Internet environment? project Several e-metrics have been identified: Abandonment Conversion Retention Lifetime Value (LTV) Referral Source What other e-metrics might there be? We We will be assessing progress so far using a User Feedback Document which analyzes a User survey distributed to members of your audience. survey Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 12 2. Launch: Going Live Try Try to aim for a soft launch rather than a soft hard launch. What is the difference? hard Plan an announcement strategy. How can your announcement strategy be How used pre-launch, during launch, and postused launch? Optimize for search engines. How? Google is the “OS of the Internet.” What Google does that mean? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 13 2. Launch: Tips for Search Engines Avoid manual submissions. Choose text carefully, both in the <title> Choose tags and in your headings (e.g. <h1>). tags Avoid pay-for-submission services that Avoid often place your site URL in link farms. often Use <meta> tags to provide meaningful Use descriptors for your site. descriptors Research technologies used by the Research search engines (like Google’s PageRank). PageRank Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 14 2. Launch: Disaster Recovery Be prepared for major disasters: Server software problems. Such as? Server hardware problems. Like what? Hacking. How can you protect against Hacking. hacking? What other security precautions might be necessary? might If If something goes terribly wrong, you should have a mechanism in place to prepare for a rollback. What is this? rollback Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 15 3. Maintenance: Metrics Maintenance Maintenance alive.” alive.” Why do people return to websites? #1 is “the fuel that keeps a site reason: high-quality content #2 reason: ease of use #3 reason: quick downloading #4 reason: updated frequently Maintenance Maintenance is responsible for both the first and fourth reason. first Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 16 3. Maintenance: Resources Who will be performing the maintenance? Internal team vs. external team. If an internal team, consider: Testing abilities Evaluating previous work Specialized Specialized Contribute). Contribute Consider developing a maintenance plan. Consider maintenance What is this? What Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 17 software (e.g. Macromedia 3. Maintenance: Measuring 3. Success Success There There are both qualitative and quantitative qualitative quantitative measures with which to measure the success of a redesigned project. What is the difference? Which one is better? Log Log analyzers or other fee-based services can provide some good indicators of success. What indicators can be monitored? monitored? Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 18 Phase 5 Summary Phase Phase 5 involves the delivery of your delivery product to your client, the launch of your launch product to your audience, and the development of a maintenance plan to maintenance ensure the continued success of your product. product. Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 19 The User Feedback Document Details Details on this assignment can be found on our Sulley webpage. Sulley You need to find a sample size of 20, administer You a survey, and then collate their responses into a single document. single You will be collecting both qualitative and You quantitative data in this survey. quantitative The final document is due Monday, July 11, by The 11:55PM. Results will be presented by each 11:55PM Results group in class next Tuesday. group Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 20 Tools Lecture Will cover the basics of setting up a webpage Will using your Sulley account, basic Dreamweaver Dreamweaver editing, and using a text editor to work with basic HTML tags. basic If you want to participate, by Thursday, you If need to: need 1. 2. 3. 4. Obtain a copy of Dreamweaver Find and bring your Sulley student account Find information information Obtain a copy of your favorite text editor If you have a laptop, bring it! Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 21 Midterm Results 28 28 students Highest grade: 101 Lowest grade: 41 Mean (average) grade: 78 4 Fs 5 Ds 5 Cs 8 Bs 6 As Dr. McDaniel Summer 2005 DIG3525 Dr. 22 ...
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