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DIG3525 Production I Midterm Dr. McDaniel Review and Study Guide Summer 2005 Material to Study: 1. Know the phases of the Core Process in detail: a. What happens in each phase b. Why each phase is important c. The tools used in each phase d. The documents produced in each phase 2. Phase 1: Define the project a. Know definitions and subphases b. Understand what occurs during this phase 3. Phase 2: Develop site structure a. Understand the three perspectives in detail b. Know the difference between sitemaps, wireframes, and user views c. Know definitions 4. Phase 3: Designing Visual Interface a. Know three subphases b. Know definitions 5. Phase 4: Build & Integrate a. Know three subphases b. Understand what happens in testing for this phase c. Know the budgets for different types of testing (bottom chart on pg. 174) d. Know the testing methods chart (pg. 170) 6. Given a tool or technique, you should be able to tell during which Phase (1-4 or none of them) this tool or technique is used in. This will be a large part of the exam.
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