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Unformatted text preview: del-Assisted Coding of Video Teleconference Sequences at Low Bit Rates," Signal Processing - Image Communication, 7(3): 231{ 248, 1995. 13] F. Ennesser, G. Medioni, \Finding Waldo, or Focus of Attention Using Local Color Information," IEEE Trans. Pattern Anal. Machine Intell., 17(8):805{809, 1995. 14] P. Fieguth, D. Terzopoulos, \Color-Based Tracking of Heads and Other Mobile Objects at Video Frame Rates," IEEE Conf. on Comp. Vis. and Pat. Rec, Puerto Rico, 21{27, 1997. 15] K. Fukunaga, Introduction to Statistical Pattern Recognition, Second Ed., Academic Press, Boston, 1990. 16] S.S. Intille, J.W. Davis, A.F. Bobick, \Real-Time Closed-World Tracking," IEEE Conf. on Comp. Vis. and Pat. Rec., Puerto Rico, 697{703, 1997. 17] M. Isard, A. Blake, \Condensation - Conditional Density Propagation for Visual Tracking," Intern. J. Comp. Vis., 29(1):5{28, 1998. 18] M. Isard, A. Blake, \ICondensation: Unifying LowLevel and High-Level Tracking in a Stochastic Framework," European Conf. Comp. Vision, Freiburg, Germany, 893{908, 1998. 19] T. Kailath, \The Divergence and Bhattacharyya Distance Measures in Signal Selection," IEEE Trans. Commun. Tech., COM-15:52{60, 1967. 20] S. Konishi, A.L. Yuille, J. Coughlan, S.C. Zhu, \Fundamental Bounds on Edge Detection: An Information Theoretic Evaluation of Di erent Edge Cues," IEEE Conf. on Comp. Vis. and Pat. Rec., Fort Collins, 573{ 579, 1999. 21] A.J. Lipton, H. Fujiyoshi, R.S. Patil, \Moving Target Classi cation and Tracking from Real-Time Video," IEEE Workshop on Applications of Computer Vision, Princeton, 8{14, 1998. 22] S.J. McKenna, Y. Raja, S. Gong, \Tracking Colour Objects using Adaptive Mixture Models," Image and Vision Computing, 17:223{229, 1999. 23] N. Paragios, R. Deriche, \Geodesic Active Regions for Motion Estimation and Tracking," IEEE Int'l Conf. Comp. Vis., Kerkyra, Greece, 688{674, 1999. 24] R. Rosales, S. Sclaro , \3D trajectory Recovery for Tracking Multiple Objects and Trajectory Guided Recognition of Actions," IEEE Conf. on Comp. Vis. and Pat. Rec., Fort Collins, vo...
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