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Fall 09’ Dr. McDaniel DIG4713: Game Design Assignment Name: Digital Game Design Document (D-GDD) GDD Assignment Due Date: December 1, 2009 (in class) GDD Initial Pitch Due Date: Oct. 27 or Oct. 29, 2009 (in class) GDD Final Presentation Due Date: Dec. 1 or Dec. 3, 2009 (in class) Overview: For this final group assignment, you will be creating your Digital Game Design Document (D- GDD), which details a plan for the production and creation of an original digital video game. You will work in groups of 6-7 students, assigned by the instructor. For examples of real world GDDs, see the Chris Taylor design document available online or the game design documents for Atomic Sam or The Suffering at the end of the Rouse textbook. However, keep in mind that your game should be of sufficiently smaller scope so that the game could be reasonably produced by a group of 6-7 individuals in a single semester. So, think small, but creative. Be original, and propose a fun game. You have approximately six weeks to complete this project, so begin early! Learning Objectives: Completion of this assignment will demonstrate proficiency in the following areas: 1. Working with a group to produce a multi-authored written proposal and task plan. 2. Integrating digital media forms to produce a compelling and interactive video game. 3. Using your knowledge of historical trends and design conventions in gaming to produce a well-designed, effective, and engaging GDD. 4. Demonstrating your knowledge of applied game design techniques. 5. Expressing the desirable characteristics of narrative, art, and sound in order to create a compelling and interactive experience for a player. Technology: I will not limit your technology choices at this point, but acceptable platforms would include Flash , XNA Game Studio , Torque Game Builder , Panda 3D , Unity , or another appropriate game engine. You will need to do some research in this area to find the appropriate supporting technology (hint: in game production, we’ll most likely be using XNA Game Studio and/or Flash , at least primarily). For those of you continuing into DIG4715c (Game Production) in the Spring, we will possibly be building one or more of these games in that class. Don’t forget to craft a razor statement and post it everywhere so that your team can see it all the time. Prototype and Playtesting: A large portion of this assignment involves prototyping and playtesting some aspect of your core game mechanic. You can choose to do this digitally or non-digitally, but it should in some way reflect the essence of what is fun about your game. Be creative with this and include detailed notes from your playtesting session to include in your final GDD. In the past, students have
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Fall 09’ Dr. McDaniel done their prototypes using rough Adobe Flash games, packaged RPG game makers, using Legos, or using live role play sessions. It is completely up to you, but your prototype should be linked to your core game mechanics in a meaningful way. Presentations:
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dig4713_digitalGameAssignment - Fall 09 Dr McDaniel DIG4713...

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