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DIG4713: Game Design Fall 2009 Semester Dr. Rudy McDaniel 3 Credit Hours Classroom Times: TR 10:30-11:45 a.m. Classroom: COMM 108 http:// www.dm.ucf.edu/~rmcdaniel/courses/dig4713 Office: OTC 500 Room 144 Office Hours: TR 2:30-4:00 & by Appointment *Email: [email protected] Phone: (407) 823-2488 Course Description This course will introduce students to theoretical and applied concepts in video game design. Students will critically evaluate video games and will learn techniques for dealing with particular game design strategies such as artificial intelligence, storytelling, cueing, building critical paths, and establishing/maintaining immersion. Students will be expected to produce two individual game specification documents in this course. These games will be pitched to the instructor and to the class and should be modified accordingly with feedback received from these pitches. This course is a gateway (read: weedout ) course for the Game Design specialization for Digital Media majors. Students wishing to specialize in Game Design must pass this course with a B or better and successfully pass a portfolio review. As such, this course is rigorous and will require a lot of time and effort from you. Tests are difficult and there is a great deal of reading. If you are looking for an easy and laid back course, this is likely not the course you want to be enrolled in. Course Goals Theoretical goals: By the end of this course, students will recognize and be able to apply several different theories of game design to their own original game creations. Students will be able to identify pioneers in game design and list the games of several prominent designers. Applied goals: Students will learn effective techniques for developing original concept video games. They will work individually to pitch and produce games which take into account gameplay, story, audio, art, AI, level design, and other techniques used to create fun and original games. Course Requirements Students will be required to complete readings and game related homework assignments. Various other in-class assignments will also be required and will count towards your participation grade. Assignments will be given well in advance of their due dates. *Email Policy When sending me email, please include the course prefix and course number in the subject line of your email. For example, for this course your subject line should include dig4713 in all email you send me regarding this class or assigned coursework. I may not receive any email that arrives without this formatted subject line. Before emailing me, please read this blog entry: http://mleddy.blogspot.com/2005/01/how-to-e-mail-professor.html . All students must register and monitor on a daily basis an official @knights UCF email address for use in this class. Late Assignment Policy
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dig4713_syllabus_fall09 - DIG4713 Game Design Fall 2009...

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