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Serena Sandoval DeVry of Anaheim Although a vehicle sales consultant and customers are people and have a job to do, they both have a lot of differences such as the way of think about each other, the way they learn about cars, the way they rotate through cars. Customers first go onto a dealership lot and automatically. A wall goes up as soon the sales consultants approach them with a greeting. “Welcome to Miller Toyota of Anaheim! Have you been helped? Is there something you are looking for?” Customers think that the sales consultants are like sharks. As if they are trying to rip the customer off for all of the money they got. They usually go online and read up information on many cars until they find one that fits their lifestyle or of their personality. The customers then are experts for a specific car that they are looking for. The average customer keeps their car for five years or until their car is run down. Of course, each
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Unformatted text preview: customer may vary. The vehicle sales consultant sees their customer as a life line. They need to sell a certain amount of car so they can keep their jobs, to make ends meet, provide for their family, or become sales consultant of the month. The vehicle sales consultant have to learn all of their type of vehicles and models that their selling and become experts. If the customer knows something that the vehicle sales consultant doesn’t know about or vehicle sales consultant lie about what they know. They might lose the sale. It’s time and money that is never worth losing. The vehicle sales consultant sales cars on a regular basis, and they do this almost every day for as long as their employment, there, as a sales consultant. Between the customer and vehicle sales consultant...
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