praisye MK 300 promotion mix

praisye MK 300 promotion mix - a good communication skill...

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Praisye Prayanster Sandy MK 300 Promotion mix Every   company   has   many   different   ways   to  promote   their   products.   In   this  promotion mix, we will analyze the five elements of promotion mix, which are  advertising, personal selling, public relations, and sales promotion and direct  marketing. Advertising:  Nokia will advertise S1990 on television, radio, Internet, Social  media,  magazines,   newspaper   and   billboards.     We’ll   have   occasional  advertisement in big events such as NBA seasons as unofficial sponsor.  Sales promotion:       We’re going to have a promo price during the first month  and also will have giving away free accessories when people buy the phone. 
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Personal Selling:   Since we’re going to sell this phone in  retailer, every  phone carrier store and electronic stores. We will have our sales technicians  available on every store. They will be trained in public speaking so they will have 
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Unformatted text preview: a good communication skill to convince people to buy this phone. We will also educate the sales technician about the phone, so every time people ask about the phone, they will know the answer. Public Relations: Nokia corporate believe that building a good relation with public is really important to building up good corporate image. So, we will have a couple different ideas to show the public, such as joining a couple different big events and become their sponsor. We will also create a forum where people from anywhere can share everything about the phone and we will send our technician to update the forum. Direct Marketing: Besides selling it this phone through the retail, we will sell this phone through our online website. We will put cheaper price online and give a free shipping....
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praisye MK 300 promotion mix - a good communication skill...

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