Web 2.0 - at any time of day as well as from any site...

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Running head: WEB 2.0 1 Internet Privacy Belinda Surratt XBIS/219 July 29, 2011 John M. Sallee
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WEB 2.0 2 Web 2.0 The second generation World Wide Web would be my description of Web 2.0. Web 2.0 places the emphasis on the interaction of users through blogging, tagging, and networking. The days of sitting at home waiting for your nieces graduation pictures are over. Web 2.0 gives the advantage of not only viewing pictures, but tagging them to place within your own pictures on websites like FaceBook and MySpace through social networking. “Social networking sites provide an easy, interactive way to communicate and collaborate with others on the Web” (Rainier, 2007 p150). The advantages found with Web 2.0 besides the ability to beat the clock with the United States Postal Service are the opportunities of interacting with other individuals and data at your own leisure. No closing time is set for the Internet which makes it possible to view information
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Unformatted text preview: at any time of day as well as from any site chosen that has Internet accessibility. However, there are some disadvantages to Web 2.0, for example, the capability to change information permits error in facts in reports, blogs, and information found on websites which are perceived as providing accurate definitions. Web 2.0 has impacted business by allowing the advantage of interacting with suppliers, other employees, and buyers through blogs and networking just to mention of few of the advantages of Web 2.0. The benefit of connecting to a larger audience through Web 2.0 for marketing merchandise and ideas has impacted businesses in positive ways. Even though there are some disadvantages to Web 2.0, the advantages seem to out weight them enough to benefit businesses. WEB 2.0 3 References Rainier, (2007). Introduction to Information Systems. P146-152...
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Web 2.0 - at any time of day as well as from any site...

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