Internet Privacy - Public computers are accessed by many...

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Running head: INTERNET PRIVACY 1 Internet Privacy Belinda Surratt XBIS/219 July 29, 2011 John M. Sallee
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INTERNET PRIVACY 2 Internet Privacy Expectations for Internet privacy differs with home, work, and in public settings. Utilizing the Internet in a home environment allows for the expectation level of Internet privacy to lower. The reasons for this is because there is the security in knowing there is no one attempting to view the input of passwords and the option of which personal security software to install on my personal computer. Therefore the expectations of Internet privacy are based on my own actions. The expectation of Internet privacy is higher when accessing the Internet at work. The possibility of the computer at work being part of a neighborhood network is great. This opens the chance of other users to view my passwords and input information. There is also the history of my searches stored in the mainframes, which would allow others to view my Internet activity. Internet privacy in public settings has the highest expectations for me.
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Unformatted text preview: Public computers are accessed by many different users. Many websites are setup with a login name and password submission prior to access to the website. If a person does not log off correctly the next user of the computer can access all of your personal information. Utilizing your neighbors’ wireless Internet signal is illegal without their prior permission. To access any wireless Internet signal without the owners’ approval is piracy. Stealing in any form is not only illegal, it is also unethical. The reason is the original owner of the Internet signal paid for the usage of the Internet with the understanding that it was for their own use, not the use of others who are able to access it from other areas. All the situations may have different expectations for Internet privacy, yet the insurance of privacy in one way or another is always expected when accessing the Internet no matter where you are. INTERNET PRIVACY 3...
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Internet Privacy - Public computers are accessed by many...

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