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Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) - programming The...

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Running head: SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) 1 Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) Belinda Surratt XBIS/219 July 22, 2011 John M. Sallee
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SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) 2 Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) There are eight stages in the system development life cycle (SDLC); Systems Investigation, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Programming, Testing, Implementation, Operation, and Maintenance. System investigation is where the professionals acquire data pertaining to the possible issues of a business and the dilemmas that may occur due to any problems. System analysis is the stage that determines the complication, basis, and solution needed in implementing the organizations plan. The stage of system design is where the technical design is developed. The determination of what processes the system will do and how well they will perform is completed in logical and physical design. The action of transforming the system design specification into computer code is
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Unformatted text preview: programming. The phase of testing is when the system is checked to ensure the inputted codes produce the desired results. Implementation is the new system being deploy and the old system being shut off. Debugging the system of all problems is the operations and maintenance phase. The individuals that take part in the development of the information systems would be Users as in the employees that will be utilizing the system. The owners and managers of the system are the system stockholders, which are involved throughout the development. Experts in the field of technology are the Technical spets used in these stages. There are many people involved in the phases of SDLC, from the employees, to the spets, to the owners and managers. Without all of the individuals involved the original plan designed would be certain to fail. SYSTEMS DEVELOPMENT LIFE CYCLE (SDLC) 3 References Rainier, (2007). Introduction to Information Systems. P256-258...
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