Problems at JetBlue Debate

Problems at JetBlue Debate - checking the weather...

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Running head: PROBLEMS AT JETBLUE DEBATE 1 Problems at JetBlue Debate Belinda Surratt XBIS/219 July 15, 2011 John M. Sallee
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PROBLEMS AT JETBLUE DEBATE 2 Problems at JetBlue Debate The issues that contributed to the JetBlue Airways service shutdown were due to the failure of communication and preparedness by both the management team and the technological team. “The company learned an expensive lesson (at least $30 million) about what happens when a company does not adequately prepare for disaster” (Rainier, 2007). The costs incurred due to the inadequacy of the management team’s lack of upgrading their technological systems, cross training their employees, and not checking for inaccuracy in the performance of the companies systems could have been avoided. The management team is responsible for all actions within a business. The changes that I would have made as a member of the management team in this situation would have begun with
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Unformatted text preview: checking the weather predictions and the actions of the other airlines. The data compiled from these two actions would have allowed the opportunity to begin the process of changing flight plans for the many stranded customers. Upgrading the technological systems prior to the Valentine’s Day storm of 2007 would have allowed the management team the ability to readily view employee information, customer data, tracking of luggage, and the weather predictions. As important as it is to have a functional management team, utilizing a company’s technological system is vital to giving the management team the accurate information that is needed in ensuring the preparedness in all situations. PROBLEMS AT JETBLUE DEBATE 3 References Rainier, (2007). Introduction to Information Systems. P256-258...
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Problems at JetBlue Debate - checking the weather...

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