World Religion Report - Running head WORLD RELIGION REPORT...

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Running head: WORLD RELIGION REPORT 1 World Religion Report Belinda Surratt HUM/130 August 14, 2011 Susan J. Johnson
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WORLD RELIGION REPORT 2 World Religion Report In this report I will present the findings pertaining to the practices and beliefs of Christianity, the knowledge of Christianity gained from an interview with a practicing Christian, description of a place of worship, and the information found in the comparison of Christianity to Buddhism. The beliefs and practices of Christians as told in the Bible will be discussed. The life altering events of Pastor Garvin that led to his strong beliefs will also be presented. Describing the reasons behind the architectural displays and rooms located in the place of worship. The differences and similarities of the world religions; Christianity and Buddhism will also be presented. “Christianity was founded in the early 1 st century AD, with the teaching, miracles, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth” (Christianity, 2010). Christianity is mostly dominant in the western world. It is largest religion in the world as of date, with more than 2 billion individuals following the beliefs and practices of Christianity. “Christianity is a faith based on the life, teachings, death, and resurrection of Jesus” (Fisher, 2007 p284). The beliefs of Christians are based on the scriptures of the Bible. The Bible is made up of two parts, the Old Testament and the New Testament. The definition of the word testament is; “a covenant, especially between God and humans” (Testament, 2011). Within the writings of both the New and Old Testaments the spiritual laws, beliefs, practices, and lessons can be found. The Bible begins with the Book of Genesis, which means beginning and the final book of the
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World Religion Report - Running head WORLD RELIGION REPORT...

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