Capstone Checkpoint - This would create a large step in the...

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Running head: CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 1 Capstone Checkpoint Belinda Surratt HUM/130 August 11, 2011 Susan J. Johnson
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CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 2 Capstone Checkpoint Learning about world religions has taught me to look beyond my own fears and be willing to investigate an individual’s religion before jumping to the conclusion that there is a reason to fear them. Even before the terrorists attacks on 9/11 that were carried out on our country I had fears of religions outside of my own. I had always believed that indigenous religious groups were people that shrunk heads and worshiped etchings on totem poles. The truth is many of the religious groups that were covered in the teachings of this class have very similar beliefs to my own. Investigating the beliefs, rituals, and writings of world religions is important in understanding people as individuals. This would aid in the ignorance of prejudices and stereotyping to be dismissed.
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Unformatted text preview: This would create a large step in the goal of all people being accepted as individuals and hopefully the unity of civilization in a peaceful manner. Taking the lesson of not judging people by their religion, simply because of my own fears of not knowing the facts pertaining to their beliefs will help me to be a more accepting person of others. Understanding the passions of religions that gain their strength from the elements of the world we live in will guide me on my own path of appreciating the simpler things such as a cool breeze or the sound of a rolling brook. I believe this will teach me to be more patient and in tune with my surroundings, which will allow me the calmness needed in solving problems in stressful situations. CAPSTONE CHECKPOINT 3 References Fisher, M. P. (2005). Islam. Living Religions, Sixth Edition (pp. 381-386). Prentice-Hall....
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Capstone Checkpoint - This would create a large step in the...

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