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notes for sec half of justice - Sze Ho Bus 102 Discussion...

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Sze Ho Bus 102 Discussion section 26 Jessica Note for the sec half of Justice 10/7/2011 John Locke says we’ve given tacit consent. Anyone who enjoys the benefits of government, even by traveling on the highway, implicitly consents to the law, and is bound by it. In a theory of Justice, John Rawls argues that the way think about justice is to ask what principals we would agree to in an initial situation of equality. Rawls reasons as follows, suppose we gathered, just as we are, to choose the principles to govern our collective life-to write a social contract. Different people would favor different principles, reflecting their various interests, moral and religious beliefs, and social positions. Rawls’s idea of social contract-a hypothetical agreement in an original position of equality. He invites us to ask what principles we-as rational, self-interested persons- would choose if we found ourselves in that position. Rawls believes that two principles of justice would emerge from the hypothetical contract. The first provides equal basic liberties for all citizens, such as freedom of speech and religion. The second principle concerns social and economic equality. Actual contracts carry moral weight insofar as they realize two deals-autonomy and reciprocity. As voluntary acts, contracts express our autonomy; the obligations they create carry weight because they are self-imposed-we take them freely upon ourselves. As instruments of mutual benefits, contracts draw on the ideal of reciprocity; the obligation to fulfill them arises from the obligation to repay others for the benefits they provide us.
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notes for sec half of justice - Sze Ho Bus 102 Discussion...

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