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exam 1 outline - 1a Connectedness is marketing philosophy...

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1a. Connectedness is marketing philosophy. It is a framework for, and a measure of how intimate a brand/company is with it customers. The marketing concept is the philosophy that firms should analyse the needs of their customers and them make decisions to satisfy those needs, better than the competition. However, the selling concept is the proposes that customers, be individual or organizations will not buy enough of the organization's products unless they are persuaded to do so through selling effort. I chose FedEx to be my company. FedEx connect with their customers by electronic commerce, their e-services provide to global customers. They continues to develop innovative technologies that enhance the customer experience on fedex.com. The marketing concept of FedEx is consistently making good on its promise of fast, reliable small-package delivery. However, when using FedEx, customers also may receive some status and image values. Using FedEx usually makes both the package sender and the receiver feel more important. 1b. The market segment of FedEx is the people who need delivery. The purpose of FedEx is provide quicker delivery service than their competitiors such as UPS. We can divide the customers into 3 groups : teenagers, adults, elder. Teenagers group is mainly student. Adult group include workers and managers or people in corporation who need delivery. Elder group include retired people. Basically everyone who need to make a faster delivery is their target market because they do not want to wait for USPS, a slower and cheaper company for delivery. Also, FedEx give their customers a secure feeling and safer delivery. I. The most urgent issue is FedEx expects to move more than 17 million shipments – almost double its daily average volume – through its global networks on December 12. As e-commerce continues to grow and demand increases with more customers shopping and conducting their business online, FedEx SmartPost is poised to handle the increase in shipments. FedEx will increase its workforce by approximately 20,000 with seasonal positions to help handle the surge in holiday shipments. I think this work because FedEx Ground continues to enhance its small package pickup and delivery network to provide faster delivery times and innovative shipping solutions for its customers during the holidays and beyond. Also customers can track their package online, so they
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exam 1 outline - 1a Connectedness is marketing philosophy...

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