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Bus 102 exam 1 1a. connectness , selling and marketing concept-definition from book. How your company connect with customers, pick seeing or marketing concept. Clear example b. segmentation-what is criteria? Divide customers into class group-characteristics of each group. Target market-pick from segmentation-reasons why they are target market. The most urgent issue to help penetrate the market. What is it? How can your company work the issue? Why do think so? 2. marketing mix- this is not SWOT analysis!! Marketing mix (strengths/weakness) of your company. Recommendation how to fix weakness, 5 Cs in mind-what, 5 Cs in mind-what u recommends help the company’s position. One P only can be strength/weakness, can not repeat
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Unformatted text preview: 3. marketing Myopia 3 lessons; relevant today. Understanding concept- what did it say in the article-clear today relevant examples, pick one apply for your company. 4a. buyer decision process, explain each step-give a clear example in each step/ b. the rate of adoption- which one are your company good at ? Which one can be improve to strengthen adoption process? (be specific which process will it help strengthening ) 5a. beand-strengths/ weakness Identify our competitiveness and brand equity. What is customer think about your company, always give example/ 5b. which stage product life cycle (p. 257 from textbook) what require for customer stay connected?...
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