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extra credit - A 3 grams/cubic centimeter B 6 grams/cubic...

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Sze Ho Geo 05 section 31 Matt 11/28/10 True or False 1. The primary atmospheric origins are helium and hydrogen. 2. Small planets lose heat much faster than large ones. 3. Jupiter receives about 1/20 of the heats that the earth does. 4. Jupiter is the largest in diameter. 5. Rotation causes sunrise and sunset for resident of each planet. Multiple choice 6. What degree of tilt cause “seasons”? A. 50 B. 23.5 C. 32.5 D. 25 7. What is the density of rocky materials?
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Unformatted text preview: A. 3 grams/cubic centimeter B. 6 grams/cubic centimeter C. 9 grams/cubic centimeter D. 7 grams/cubic centimeter 8. How long to form sun and solar system? A. 4.6 bya B. 5.0 bya C. 3.6 bya D. 7.0 bya 9. What planet orbits the sun at about 5 AU? A. Earth B. Mercury C. Jupiter D. Mars 10. What planet takes about 164 years to complete orbit around sun? A. Neptune B. Mars C. Uranus D. Jupiter...
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