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19 - Shari’a Highly militarized structure Janissaries...

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10/19/10 Key terms Sultan Pasha Devshirme Janissaries Suleiman the Magnificent The rise of the Ottoman Empire Land-based empire Nationalities/ ethnicities Turks, Arabs, Jews, Armeninans, Kurds, Greeks, Slavs, Albanians, Gypsies Religions Muslims (Sunni), Christians (Eastern Orthodox), Jews, small Shiite population C.1098-1300 settled in Anatolia region by 1300: established an organized military state by 1400: empire was expanding north Expanding the ottoman empire Ottoman Turks (Sunni) Jihad and expansion of the empire 1453: Sultan Mehmed II “the Conqueror” seized Constantinople &end the Byzantine Empire 16 th c: empire keeps growing… Political structural overview Sultan Pasha “centralized” power with network of localized leaders Bureaucracy
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Unformatted text preview: Shari’a Highly militarized structure Janissaries Devshirme Young European boys Raised in Turkish Households $ special military schools Elite military education No nationality Role of the Janissaries Very powerful bureaucrats Elite infantry troops Decided who becomes sultan Suleiman the Magnificent/ Lawmaker r. 1520-1566 expanded the Ottoman Empire deep into eastern Europe Streamlined the legal system Economic structure Economic stability decays over time Trade routes change from land to sea Janissary corps grows rapidly No protectionism/ mercantilism Import more than export Increased taxes levied on commoners Population becomes over-taxed Economic conditions start to change after industrial Revolution...
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19 - Shari’a Highly militarized structure Janissaries...

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