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Sze Ho 860929242 History 15 10/18/10 Week 4 response Document 12: Letter to Shah Ismail of Persia 1. Even though Selim’s letter is designed to malign Shiism, not define Islam, it contains many references to essential Muslim beliefs. Which ones can you find? Only the people who are truly believe and adore the Lord, and they could attain the divine knowledge only in their religion. Also, if they observe the precepts of prince of prophets, and they practice the true religion, they will prosper in this world and merit eternal life in the other. 2. What does Selim’s letter reveal about the differences between Sunnis and Shias? According to Selim’s letter, the differences between Sunnis and Shias are that Sunnis is a true religion and Shias is an irreligion and heresy. Shias has denied the sanctity of the
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Unformatted text preview: divine laws and has deserted the path of salvation and the sacred commandments. Sunnis is a true religion that attains the divine knowledge and prospers. 3. How does Selim perceive himself within the Islamic world? He is an exterminator of idolaters, destroyer of the enemies of the true faith, the terror of the tyrants and pharaohs of the age. 4. Selim must have realized that the deeply religious Ismail was unlikely to abandon Shiism. Why might he have written the letter, despite the likehood that its appeal would fall on the deaf ears? Because he still want Ismail embrace the truth faith and he does not want to have a battle with him. He hopes Ismail will give up possession of the territory violently....
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