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CSC113_Lab3 - Boolean addNewEmployee employee e employee...

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KSU / CCIS CSC113 Lab 3 Array Of Objects Date: 23 27/10/2010 Lab 3 : Array of Objects Date : 23/10/2010 Create class employee including the following: empId empName Build a required getters, setters and constructor. Create class Department including the following: Employees : an array of type employee which has maximum to 15 employees. Implement the Constructor and the following methods :
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Unformatted text preview: Boolean addNewEmployee( employee e) employee searchEmployee(string eid ) Boolean deleteEmployee(String id) Int getDepartmentHavingTheMaximumEmployeeNumber (). Write a main class to test the class Department. The class main should implements the following menu: 1. Add new employee 2. Search a employee 3. Delete employee 4. Display department that has maximum number of employees 5. Exit...
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